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Services Offered: 

Water Supply, Irrigation Systems & Sewer (221310)

Sewage Treatment Facilities (221320)

Water and Sewer line & related Structures (237110)

Land Subdivision (237210)

Site Preparation and Utilities (238910)

Highway, Street, and Bridge Construction (237310)

Parrish Excavating, Inc., is located in Damascus, Oregon, we are a certified WBE/DBE/ESB contractor with over 30 years of experience. We are PGE certified and perform all phases of site development and construction. Our services include: underground utilities, public franchise utilities, clearing, site excavation and grading, demolition and structural excavation. We perform this work by negotiation or contract basis. Our seamless integration of estimating and accounting systems allows us to complete projects and construction that are on time, with quality, while being able to provide all of the needed project documentation. 

We have completed projects for The Port of Portland, City of Portland, Multnomah County, Tri-Met and many General, Electrical and Mechanical Contractors.